Professors Julie Fabbri and Benjamin Huybrechts are exploring the roles of coworking spaces as a source of imprint in the specific context of hybrid venturing, i.e. venturing modes that hinge on a plurality of institutional logics, for example social and commercial logics in the case of social entrepreneurship. To explore this question, our research draws on a longitudinal study of a French coworking space gathering entrepreneurs who develop a socially entrepreneurial project. In a context where hybrid ventures lack pre-established venturing patterns, we show that coworking spaces are an important avenue for entrepreneurs to identify with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, experiment with this atypical venturing mode within and through the coworking space as a hybrid venture in itself, and connect with the emerging ecosystem around hybrid venturing. Our preliminary findings suggest that the imprinting effect lasts well beyond the coworking experience and applies not only for the ventures themselves but also for the entrepreneurs who tend to create or get involved in other hybrid ventures. We expect that our research will bring valuable contributions at the intersection of the literatures on hybrid venturing, coworking spaces, and social entrepreneurship.