Saulo Dubard Barbosa has conducted research on entrepreneurial decision making since his PhD over ten years ago. He notes that entrepreneurs make decisions all the time, yet we know little about the decisions they make and the decision making processes they use. He and his colleagues have investigated how different cognitive factors influence some of these decisions. For instance, he examined how cognitive heuristics such as framing and anchoring influence the decision to start a new venture (with Alain Fayolle and Brett Smith), how risk preferences and cognitive style impact the intention to start a business (with Jill Kickul), and how self-employed musicians choice between exploitation and exploration affect their performances (with Danilo Dantas and Giovany Cajaiba-Santana). He is currently developing a study on how faith influences entrepreneurial decision making (with Brett Smith) as well as an experiment around the decision to exit (with Felix Kayser).