Jean Clarke is generally interested in how both the forms of language (narrative, metaphor, framing) and non-verbal cues (body, dress, space) used by entrepreneurs to develop legitimacy for their nascent ventures. Although she is currently working on a range of projects, one of her core current projects is builds on the 2018 AMJ publication with Joep Cornelissen (Erasmuc University) and Mark Healey (Manchester University). Jean and her co-authors are continuing with their specific interest in how entrepreneurs use non-verbal cues to improve communication when pitching for investment and extending their interest from a primary focus on hand gestures to exploring how gaze, intonation and a range of other non-verbals can play a role. She is also working with Nick Llewellyn (Warwick University) to develop a protocol for analysing gestures in naturalistic settings, which can be of use to researches across a range of theoretical and empirical domains interested in understanding how organizational actors use gestures.