The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Center at emlyon business school is looking to fill a one- or two-year funded post-doctoral position for the academic years of 2019-2020 and 2020-2021.

This post-doc position provides promising scholars with an excellent opportunity to move forward their papers, further push research projects, and start new ones.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Center at emlyon makes up a supportive and dynamic environment.

The members of the center meet regularly to discuss research, attend invited talks, mentor PhDs, DBAs and junior faculty members, and hold informal chats over coffee or tea.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Center brings together researchers interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, and everything in between. We are intellectually and methodologically open. We believe in great research, irrespective of methods or theoretical background. We aim high.

We are very engaged and research active and we have published in outlets such as AMJ, JoM, MSc, SMJ, JBV, ET&P, SEJ, SBEJ… Some of them hold editorial responsibilities and have a strong experience in publishing.

The Post-doc we are looking for is passionate about research, energetic and open minded. We want her or him to be fully engaged with us, not to be locked in their office.

Responsibilities include conducting high-quality research, taking active part in the activities of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Center, and mingling with the school’s superb PhD students. Teaching is not required, but possible. The working language is English.

More information on hwo to apply here.