This research project is dedicated to better understand how new venture teams work together to achieve desired outcomes (with Frédéric Delmar, and eleven other international researchers). Teams, as opposed to an individual, start a majority of all innovative new ventures. Yet, little research or theory exists in new venture settings about how members interact with each other over time—teamwork—to produce innovative technologies, products, and services. We believe a systematic study of social and psychological processes that underlie new venture teamwork and venture outcomes is timely and important.

Unique features of our research project include: (1) a team level focus on social and psychological processes, to assess relations to proximal (e.g., innovation, first sales and team satisfaction), and distal value creation outcomes (e.g., sales growth, raised capital and profits). (2) Combined qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to provide both theory building and theory testing for the relations of interest. (3) A time-sequential design with data collection every three months over one year to allow us to investigate the relations of interest for new ventures.

NVT DYNAMICS will develop new knowledge. The NVT DYNAMICS is coordinated in France by Frédéric Delmar, professor, emlyon business school and Sten K Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship, Lund University.