Christof Brandtner

Assistant Professor

I am an organizational and economic sociologist studying how institutions, organizations, and urban environments shape the emergence and diffusion of social innovations. I conduct research on civil society organizations, urban governance of crises, and institutional change. I am writing Cities in Action, a book about cities’ efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change (under contract with Columbia University Press).

  • Brandtner, C. and Suárez, D. 2020. “The structure of city action: Collaborative governance and sustainability practices in U.S. cities.” American Review of Public Administration: 1–18.
  • Brandtner, C. 2017. “Putting the world in orders: Plurality in organizational evaluation.” Sociological Theory 35(3):200–27.
  • Kornberger, M., Meyer, R. E., Brandtner, C., and Höllerer, M. 2017. “When bureaucracy meets the crowd: Studying open government in the Vienna city administration.” Organization Studies 38(2):179–200.
  • Powell, W. W., Horvath, A., and Brandtner, C. 2016. “Click and mortar: Organizations on the web.” Research in Organizational Behavior 36:101–20.


Social Innovation, Organizational and Institutional Change, Institutions and Place, Civil Society and Organizations, Urban Governance


Econometrics, Quantitative Content Analysis, Interviews, Experiments


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