Ahmed Nofal

Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship

My research is at the intersection of entrepreneurship and labor economics. It examines the causal influence of early developmental origins, and adverse conditions, such as shocks, and crises on entrepreneurial outcomes, and new venture dynamics (entry, growth, and exit).


Journal Articles

  • Nofal, Ahmed Maged, Cacciotti, Gabriella, Lee, Nick. 2020. Who complies with COVID-19 transmission mitigation behavioral guidelines?. PLOS ONE, 15 (10) 
  • Nofal, Ahmed Maged, Nicolaou, Nicos, Symeonidou, Noni, Shane, Scott. 2018. Biology and Management: A Review, Critique, and Research Agenda. Journal of Management, 44 (1) : 7-31 p.

Book Chapters

  • Nofal, Ahmed Maged, Nicolaou, Nicos, Shane, Scott. 2021. The Biology of Entrepreneurship. In Gielnik, Michael M., Cardon, Melissa S., Frese, Michael, The Psychology of Entrepreneurship: New Perspectives. Routledge 
  • Nofal, Ahmed Maged, Nicolaou, Nicos, Symeonidou, Noni. 2017. Biology and Entrepreneurship. In Ahmetoglu, Gorkan, Chamorro‐Premuzic, Tomas, Klinger, Bailey, Karcisky, Tessa, The Wiley Handbook of Entrepreneurship. New Jersey : John Wiley & Sons


Developmental Origins of Entrepreneurship; Adversity and Entrepreneurship, New Venture Dynamics



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