Benjamin Huybrechts

Affiliate Professor – Social and Cooperative Entrepreneurship

My research mainly focuses on social enterprise/social entrepreneurship and includes:

  • the collective dynamics underlying social entrepreneurship processes: composition and functioning of social entrepreneurial teams, emergence trajectories in collective settings (coworking spaces, incubators,…), early-stage organizational choices, etc.
  • the management and governance of social enterprises as “hybrid organizations”: distinctive organizational forms (e.g. community cooperatives) and practices (e.g. participatory governance), implications of pursuing both social and commercial goals, strategies to manage “mission drift”, etc.
  • the inter-organizational partnerships and networks deployed by social enterprises: cross-sector collaboration with commercial businesses, meta-organizational processes (networks and federations), and multi-stakeholder initiatives in the context of diffusing and institutionalizing social enterprise models and practices

Huybrechts, B. & Haugh, H. (2018), “The roles of networks in institutionalizing new hybrid organizational forms: Insights from the European renewable energy cooperative network”, Organization Studies, 39:8, 1085-1108

Dufays, F. & Huybrechts, B. (2016), “Where do hybrids come from? Entrepreneurial team heterogeneity as an avenue for the emergence of hybrid organizations”, International Small Business Journal, 34:6, 777-796

Nicholls, A. & Huybrechts, B. (2016), “Sustaining inter-organizational relationships across institutional logics and power asymmetries”, Journal of Business Ethics, 135:4, 699-714

Nelson, T., Nelson, D., Huybrechts, B., Dufays, F., O’Shea, N. and Trasciani, G. (2016), “Emergent identity formation and the co-operative: Theory building in relation to alternative organizational forms”, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, 28:3-4, 286-309

Huybrechts, B. (2012), Fair Trade and Social Enterprise: Social Innovation through Hybrid Organization Models, Routledge, London & New York


Social entrepreneurship, Hybrid organizations, Collective dynamics, Social entreprises’ networks. 


Member of the Editorial Board of:

  • the Journal of Social Entrepreneurship
  • the Social Enterprise Journal

Regular reviewer for journals such as: Administrative Science Quarterly, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, the Journal of Business Venturing, Organization Studies, the Journal of Management Studies, the Journal of Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship and Regional Development, etc.

Member of several research networks : EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies), Academy of Management, EMES Research Network on Social Enterprise, Réseau International de Recherche sur les Organisations et le Développement Durable (RIODD), International Society for Third-Sector Research (ISTR), Association d’Economie Sociale (AES),  “Fairness” Fair Trade Research Network, etc.