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EIRC Meeting – Priorities for the Center and Celina Smith’s R&R

Date: Thursday, April 21st, 2022

Time: 12:00 to 13:30

Speakers: Saulo Dubard Barbosa and Celina Smith

R&R Discussants: Christof Brandtner, Ahmed Nofal & Saulo Dubard Barbosa


On April 21st, 2022, the members of the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Research Center met on a hybrid mode: 14 were at the Ecully campus, whereas 5 were online.

As newly appointed Head of the center, professor Saulo Dubard Barbosa opened the meeting by thanking and acknowledging “those who came before us and contributed a lot to build and shape the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Center”, especially Philippe Albert (founder of the Centre des Entrepreneurs, a predecessor of our Research Center) and former EIRC Heads: Alain Fayolle, Frédéric Delmar, and Grégoire Croidieu.

Professor Dubard Barbosa also outline the two priorities that support our vision for the Research Center:

  • Building a great collective out of a collection of great individuals. “This means that we meet more often, with productive and frequent meetings that help moving forward our research.

Supporting the research of its members will always be a mission for our Research Center, so please use this forum to get feedback on papers, ongoing projects, and early-stage research ideas.”

  • Increasing visibility and impact. “This means increasing the visibility and impact of our research in the academic field, through increasing publications in top journals, increasing quality and quantity of publications, increasing citations, etc. This also means valuing and encouraging actions that increase the visibility of our research for practitioners, that translate our research into practice.”

This was just the beginning of a conversation to which everyone is welcome to contribute.

The meeting continued in the form of an R&R seminar around a paper on the organizational resilience of family firms, authored by professor Celina Smith and currently under review at Journal of Management. She received great comments from the audience, in a supportive and constructive mode. A big thanks to everyone for their generosity and acknowledgments to the main discussants, professors Christof Brandtner, Ahmed Nofal, and Saulo Dubard Barbosa.