The purpose of this workshop is for PhD students to learn about “current research, review recent papers, and discuss new methodological tools that deepen the institutional agenda. Special attention is given to institutional emergence, persistence, and transformation and the contribution of institutional analysis to understand current social, ecological, and economic challenges”. The workshop also “emphasizes methods of comparative, archival, network and visual analysis” and “tackles issues involving contestation and strife around institutions and organizations.”
The workshop combines morning lectures, which “present and discuss research within the field of institutional theory”, and afternoon workshop sessions “devoted to discussing both classic and contemporary theoretical developments within institutional theory”. The morning lectures are open to the public and guests are highly welcome (see the link below for registration). The afternoon workshop sessions are limited to the PhD students who successfully applied to the workshop.
An international faculty from several US and European institutions will present and lead the lectures and sessions. Grégoire Croidieu, Associate Professor in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation team, is one of the member of this international faculty.
Sulyn Cheng, PhD student in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation team, will also take part.
This workshop will be held in Mannheim (Germany) on August 25-30, 2019.
More information about SCANCOR and the PhD Workshop can be found here.