1) The Impact of AI and Big Data on Entrepreneurship Education Research and Teaching (with Alain Fayolle, Olivier Toutain and Sandrine Le Pontois)
The main objective of this project is to identify and discuss the educational and research opportunities and challenges that relate to the development and use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the field of entrepreneurship education

2) Newness, Diversity and Ethics: Challenging and Rethinking Entrepreneurship Education Research (with Alain Fayolle and Michela Loi)
This research identifies an ensemble of challenging questions that current studies have overlooked. In an attempt to connect micro to macro levels of analysis, we identified the research questions by reflecting on extant entrepreneurship education knowledge through the lenses of newness, diversity and ethics. We hope that these questions will nurture the debate on future paths that might strengthen the usefulness and relevance of entrepreneurship education research.

3) Legitimizing Entrepreneurship Education – An Axiological Perspective (with Alain Fayolle, Deema Refai, David Higgins and Radi Haloub)
This research aims to establish legitimacy of Entrepreneurship Education (EE) as a field of value for learners; viewing value specifically with regards to addressing human (learners’) values. We adopt an axiological lens to raise debates around value perceptions in EE by focusing on the confusion surrounding definitions of entrepreneurship and sustainable entrepreneurship. As such, we offer an axiological framing of value perceptions in EE.