On Thursday February 14th, we have an exciting full day ahead of us when we present our on-going research projects for 2019.

On top of that we have an e-ship talk with Professor Lars Bo Jeppesen, Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark:

Title: Crowdfunding as Donations to Entrepreneurial Firms

The bulk of today’s (“preorder-,” “reward-,” “gift-,” and “donation-based”) crowdfunding raises funds for small, private entrepreneurial ventures without granting funders private claims to the project’s income. We theorize and show empirically that the payoff structure to crowdfunders, akin to a public good contribution problem, leads the tangible value of main project outputs to have little influence on crowdfunding. Drawing together theory and empirical analysis, we demonstrate the especially large role of non-pecuniary motivations and pinpoint three particular motivations for giving money to profit-seeking entrepreneurs through crowdfunding. The findings hold important implications for crowdfunding strategies, platform design, the kinds of ventures that choose this funding approach, and our understanding of how this funding institution works.

Are you interested in joining please contact Elisabeth Gelas at emlyon by mail.