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« Our mission is to learn, unlearn and relearn entrepreneurship and innovation using research as our tool.

The study of entrepreneurship and innovation has increasingly become a centerpiece of modern economic and management research because of three important changes. First, since the early 1980, public policy has increasingly set its hope to entrepreneurship as a solution to a number of problems, ranging from unemployment, economic change and growth, innovation, and economic competition. Second, this political focus on entrepreneurship coincides with the rapid introduction of information and internet technologies. Third, corporations have changed the way they organize going from large conglomerate to increasing versatile and smaller units, where more and more of work is contracted rather than hired.

The combination of these three changes has led to dramatic changes in our society. Yet, uncertainty persists over what causes entrepreneurship and innovation and what are the consequences of entrepreneurship and innovation.

We are here to create such knowledge and adapt that knowledge to a rapidly changing society.”