eShip Talks

“eShip Talks” conference : interview PAUL VAALER – Professor of International Business 

“eShip Talks” : David Patient, Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management 

“eShips Talks” : Luca Landoli, professor of Business and Economics 

“eShip Talks” : Sarah Jacks , Professor of Entrepreneurship at Lancaster University 

“eShip Talks” Prof. Marc Gruber about startup founders’ critical choices 

“eShip Talks” conference : interview DIMO DIMOV – Professor of Entrepreneurship 

“eShip Talks” : Jörg Sydow , Professor of Management and Inter-firm Cooperation 

“eShip Talks” conference : Pablo Martin de Holan talks about “neuroentrepreneurship” 

“eShip Talks” conference : Hermann Frank, Head of the Research Institute for Family Business 

“eShip Talks” conference : interview Howard E. Aldrich – Professor Sociology 

“eShip Talks” : Bart Clarysse, Prof. of Entrepreneurship at Imperial College London Business School 

“eShip Talks” conference : interview Joakim Wincent – Professor of Entrepreneurship 

“eShip Talks” : Lecturers Karan SONPAR & Federica PAZZAGLIA